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Project name:

4th Injection Compressor Project (4ICP)


Karachaganak (Kazakhstan)


Bonatti S.p.A.


Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO)



Project Description:

The 4th Injection Compressor Project consists of a Compressor Island with a three-stage centrifugal compressor driven, through a speed increasing gear box, by a MS5002D gas turbine, and an associated dry, sour process gas seal system. The compressor final configuration, approximately 220m west of the existing reinjection trains at Unit 2.

The 4ICP will increase re–injection flowrates from an average of 31 MMsm3/d up to an average of 38.9 MMsm3/d. Injection flowrates will be maximised as part of the 4ICP system design optimisation and may enable injection flowrates of up to 41.6 MMsm3/d (during winter months) to be achieved. The new compressor will have dry feed gas supplied from the new KPC 26” Export line, under development by the KGDBN project

Instrumentation, Automation and Telecommunication activities performed:

Auriga Consulting provide detail engineering for Automation, Field Instrumentation and Telecommunication Systems for new 4th Injection Gas Compressor Stations.

Main activities performed by Auriga I&C Division are:

  • Data Sheets and Specification for Field Instruments, Controls and Safety Valves, supporting procurement phases with Technical Bids Evaluation and Vendors follow-up.
  • Detail design of Safety and Control Systems (ESD, F&G, BMS, DCS, PLC) including procurement support, construction follow-up, testing, FAT, pre-commissioning, and commissioning activities.

Risk Engineering and Safety studies performed:

  • HAZID, ENVID, HAZOP, ALARP, SIL Assessment and Report, QRA, SIMOPS, Risk Mngt Workshop, Escape ways, F&G detection and alarm, Firefighting design, RAM study, Noise study, Flare radiation dispersion study, Hazardous Area Classification report and layout.
  • Chairman and technical scribe for workshop

Project Figures

Job value > 750.000 Euro
Manhours > 20.000
Documents > 500