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About us

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”

Auriga at a glance

Auriga Consulting is an engineering and consulting services to support customers for projects success, taking into account environmental, social and economic aspects.
The highly qualified work team and the collaboration with international consultants network allows us to meet needs of our customers.


Our history

  • 2012, Auriga Consulting born with operational headquarters in Fano (Italy)
  • 2015, ISO 9001 Certificate
  • 2016, Become Joint Stock Company
  • 2017, Auriga become shareholders of Consortium Milanese di Progettazione (CMP)
  • 2018, New Operational Office in Rome
  • 2019, Build new Operational Headquarter in Fano, New Operational Office in Milan
  • 2021, Investments to empower communication, web positioning and new application software


Changing place, Changing Time, Changing Thoughts, Changing Future


We support customers projects and ideas to bring them to succeed


In line with strategic choice to developing a strong root of sustainability, we have formally incorporated the contents of the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Objectives system into our organization, committing ourselves, together with our specific corporate values, to placing them at the centre of our activities.

Our team

Stefania Benucci

Managing Director / HSE Division Manager

Andrea Mancini

HSE Division Deputy Manager

Paolo Di Cresenzo

General manager

Giuliano Giunti

I&C Division manager

Lorenzo Masu

HSE Engineer

Giammarco Dini

HSE Engineer

Sonia Mea

CAD Specialist

Davide Montanari

I&C Engineer

Luca Mancinelli

I&C Engineer

Giancarlo Caniglia

Telecom Lead Engineer

Francesco Gabellini

Telecom Engineer

Daniele Mazzieri

I&C Lead Engineer

Luca Di Crescenzo

I&C Lead Engineer

Davide Fava

HSE Engineer

Annalisa Gaglione


Cristina Sartori

Business Developer Life Science

Arianna Scaramucci

Business Developer Life Science

Giancarlo Pasquariello

ICT Manager

Emilio Paolucci

I&C Engineer

Enrico Casu

HSE Engineer

Nicola Omiccioli

HSE Engineer

Stefano Gagliarducci

I&C Engineer